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6x Odourless Pelleted Chicken Fertiliser - 20kg

Sorry, we are temporarily out of stock of this product.                                                                                                 If  you would like us to contact you when more stock arrives please place your order.

6x Odourless Pelleted Chicken Fertiliser - 8kg

* Special Offer - While stocks last !

6x Organic Fibrous Fertiliser Bag - 15kg

* Special Offer - Only £9.99 per bag !

Chempak Magnesium 750g
Chempak Sulphur 750g
Doff Tomato Feed - 2.5L

Great value !

Growmore  25kg  'Bulk bag'

The most economical way to buy this popular fertiliser

Limited stocks - Price Rise Due Soon !

Levington Tomorite - 1L Plus 30%

30% Extra Free !

While stocks last 

Levington Tomorite - 2.5L

* Top Seller *

 * Special Offer- Only £12.99

Levington Tomorite Pour & Feed - 2.5ltr +20% Free

20% Extra FREE !

Save £1 

Maxicrop Original Seaweed Extract - 1L

*Special Offer 

Miracle-Gro All Purpose Concentrated Liquid Plant Food 2.5L

* Special Offer  Only £13.99

Miracle-Gro All Purpose Plant Food 2kg

* Special Offer

Miracle-Gro All Purpose Soluble Plant Food 1kg Plus 20% Free

1kg Plus 20% Extra Free !

Miracle-Gro Feeder Kit

* Special Offer *

Miracle-Gro Performance Organics Fruit & Veg Plant Feed 1L

*  As Seen on T.V.

Spring Offer - HALF PRICE !

While stocks last

Miracle-Gro Pour & Feed - 3L

* Special Offer

Miracle-Gro Slow Release All Purpose Plant Food 1kg

* Special Offer - while stocks last.

Osmocote Controlled Release Plant Food Tablets - Pack 25

* Special Offer - Save £1

Phostrogen All Purpose Plant Food - 80 Can

* Special Offer - Save £1.00

Remin Carbon Capture Volcanic Rock Dust 10kg

 *Special Offer Only £9.99

* While stocks last.

Toprose Fertiliser - 4kg

* Special Offer - Only £12.90

Toprose Rose & Shrub Feed 1kg Carton

* Special Offer 

Vitax Bonemeal - 2.5kg
Vitax Bonemeal 10kg Tub

While stocks last !

Vitax Bonsai Feed - 200g
Vitax Buxus Feed - 1kg
Vitax Buxus Feed 5kg Tub

* Special Offer

Vitax Cacti Feed - 200g
Vitax Clay Breaker 2.5kg
Vitax Conifer & Shrub 2.5kg

* Special Offer 

Vitax Ericaceous Feed 1L
Vitax Growmore - 2.5kg

* Special Offer

Vitax Kieserite 25kg

* Please contact for prices 

Vitax Olive Tree Fertiliser 0.9kg Pouch

* Special Offer

Vitax Organic Liquid Seaweed 1ltr

* Special Offer - Only £8.99  - while stocks last !

Vitax Organic Potato Fertiliser - 1kg

* Special Offer - Only £4.89 - Save £1

Vitax Q4 - 900g

* Special Offer

Vitax Q4 Granular Fertiliser 2.5kg

* Special Offer

Vitax Q4 Rootmore  Mycorrhizal  - 2.5kg

*Special Offer*